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Gone west

East Renfrewshire's education supremo has headed west. John Wilson hasn't jumped ship, just moved from the council's Eastwood HQ to a fine, new, glass-walled lair in the council's Barrhead offices, so locating the entire education department in the western half of the authority.

Rumour swept round the East Ren heidies that the Baron of Barrhead has a Tannoy to make staff announcements, not to mention binoculars to check on pupils using the chippies and on the holiday prices in the window of Barrhead Travel.

Jim McVittie of St Ninian's High - one of the country's longest serving heidies - put it into perspective on the campus he shares with the council in Eastwood.

The Biscuit - as he is known for obvious reasons - looked up at the vacated education suite and mused: "I've been here for 20 years. He lasted only eight. I always said I'd be here longer than him."

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