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Good conference for...

Steve Sinnott The new NUT general secretary's hopes for a more unified and less boisterous conference were realised Tired and jaded NASUWT members Gone were the usual rows of chairs in the conference hall. In their place, red velvet chairs in front of white linen-draped tressle tables. As one delegate quipped: "It hurts less when they fall asleep. They don't bang their heads now."

Visually challenged NASUWT members They can now get "substantial discounts on eye tests, glasses and contact lenses". There is also a deal with MG Rover. The two are not related.

Bad conference for...

Headteachers They became the conferences' hate figures for not giving teachers PPA time, trying to make teachers work longer hours in extended schools, and squirreling away school funds.

Ruth Kelly who was described as the worst Education Secretary since Labour came back into power by Hilary Bills, NUT president Academies, league tables, Sats, the Government's 14-19 White Paper and Ofsted: teachers don't like any of them

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