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A good physics workout

New Higher Physics, 2nd edition. By Adrian Watt. Editor Jim Page. Hodder and Stoughton, pound;16.99

In my review of the first edition of New Higher Physics, I expressed reservations about covering both Intermediate 2 and Higher lessons in one volume. Those concerns have been addressed in this edition.

The book now concentrates on Higher physics but retains Intermediate content where that is relevant to the Higher syllabus. Thus areas not carried through to Higher level, such as specific latent heat, electromagnetism and transformers, lenses and image formation, have been deleted. Relevant Intermediate 2 content is revisited, providing useful revision before learning more. The effect is to make the book more user-friendly as confusion between the levels is avoided.

As before, development of concepts is logical, with a good range of clear diagrams. At the end of each chapter there are worked examples and an excellent range of questions of exam standard.

The book concentrates on the the syllabus but in many chapters there is a section headed "A little further", which goes beyond the syllabus and might encourage the enthusiast to do more. Overall, this book is accessible and comprehensive for Higher students.

Tom Queen is head of physics at St Aloysius College, Glasgow

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