Good year

Sixteen-year-olds: this summer, candidates taking Edexcel's maths exam needed to score only 45 per cent across two papers, to get an A grade GCSE; a 22 per cent score earned a C.

Personalised learning: most people assumed that the ubiquitous term was so last season. But fashion trends are notoriously hard to predict, and it continued to be promoted by ministers and the Specialist Schools Trust .

Ken Boston: chief executive of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority emerged as the highest-paid figure in education. With a salary of Pounds 137,812, plus pound;104,699 in benefits, he took home pound;242,511 this year. This compares favourably with the pound;8,500 salary earned by classroom assistants, the lowest-paid in education.

Female teachers: a Valentine's day poll placed teachers in the top 10 women's professions seen as most attractive by men.

Zoroastrianism: a good year for fire-worshippers the world over, as it was announced that their faith was to be included in the new RE framework.

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