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Good year for Highers

Improvements in Higher grade pass rates this year can be put down to hard work by candidates and teachers, Ron Tuck, chief executive of the Scottish Qualifications Authority, said as results were being mailed out yesterday (Thursday).

The pass rate for the 60,934 candidates at Higher went up to 69 per cent from 68.5 per cent last year. Mr Tuck also singled out passes at A band - 15. 7 per cent compared with 15.3 per cent.

Almost 10,500 got at least four Highers, with 4,985 achieving five passes, 143 six passes and a trio with seven.

At Standard grade, more pupils achieved Credit level (grades 1 and 2). The percent-age rose to 39.4 from 37.7, with a corresponding drop at General level (grades 3 and 4) from 42.3 per cent to 41.6. No one equalled last year's top performer with 10 Standard grades.

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