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Moving On By members of the Salesian Family St Paul's Publishing, Morpeth Terrace, Westminster, London SE1P 1EP pound;23.95 plus pound;4.50 postage Not many people know who Salesians are, even inside the order's own church - Roman Catholicism. I surfed the Net to increase my minimal knowledge and found a site ( where the group's international work and its founder, John Bosco, are usefully introduced.

The publisher is part of the Society of St Paul, another international RC group promoting the gospel through the media. But Moving On is suitable for use beyond Catholics. It aims to help people aged 14 to 18 make choices, bridging aspects of PSE, citizenship, career guidance, spiritual development and RE.

The context is not inevitably school use, as youth and church groups could find it helpful. Planning is for 25 structured sessions divided into 10 sections. Photocopiable worksheets are included. the text is derived from the work of heads of RE and pastoral care in seven schools. The emphasis is on experiential learning.

This is good for a PSE resource, and although it could not replace an RE programme, it might complement one well. I particularly enjoyed the section on dreams, vision and imagination. These may not be priorities among national curriculum controllers and politicians, but as Proverbs 29.18 has it, "where there is no vision, the people perish".

Terence Copley

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