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Where will it all end? Over the past few years we have had to thole several classroom fashion fads. There have been contact lenses resembling cats' eyes, flags or even football team colours. Piercings of every description.

Hair of every colour. Shaved eyebrows.

There have been pens resembling powder puffs, pens that flash and pens that house hidden microphones - just what teachers need at the end of a difficult class: hearing a recording of the proceedings. And it's never flattering.

Of course, the ultimate fashion accessory is the mobile phone. Previously there were text messages crossing the waves from one end of a classroom to the other, wild and wonderful ring tones coming from pockets and bags.

Now, just to keep teachers even more on their toes, the phones take photos.

It's bad enough being recorded during a lesson, but being photographed too? But if you can't beat them . . .

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