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Governator decimates the budget

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the terminator - of school budgets. The governor of California, is proving more unpopular with teachers than a rampaging cyborg after announcing plans to slash spending.

The cuts will reduce schools' budgets by a tenth, taking more than pound;200 million from them in the next six months and then a staggering pound;2.1 billion next year.

The "Governator" is making the cuts to education, and to other public services, because he wants to repair a hole in the state's budget without raising taxes, even if it means scrapping some of the after-school projects he introduced.

Marty Hittelman, president of the California Federation of Teachers, told the LA Times that schools had already budgeted all the money. "Unless you close the schools, there's not much you can do at this point," he said.

Mr Schwarzenegger said he could have cut pound;500 million from schools this year but didn't because it "would have been devastating".

UK teachers may wish to boycott Schwarzenegger films as a show of solidarity. Or just good taste.

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