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Government standards failing

A recent FE event gave one of my readers a valuable insight into the machinations of the Government's public relations operation, when he was approached by a DfES employee with a thirst for knowledge.

The conversation went like this:

Her: "I wonder if you can offer me any advice. I work for the Standards Unit at the DfES and wondered if you had any ideas on ways of targeting FE lecturers and schoolteachers."

Him: "With what?"

Her: "Some information about our activities."

Him: "Well, write to the colleges. Maybe the staff development people to begin with, or the principals."

Her: "How would I find out where they are?"

Him: "Ask the LSC." (She wrote down "Try LSC")

Him (again): "Or the AoC is just round the corner from here. You could ask them if there are any networks you could use."

Her: "AoC?"

Him: "The Association of Colleges." (she wrote down "AoC")

Her: "And what about schoolteachers?"

Him: "Try the schools?"

Her: "How do I get to them?"

Him: "Do you have a database at the DfES?"

Her: "I don't think so.(!)"

We all have our off days.

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