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Governors may surf for training;News;News amp; Opinion

GOVERNORS too busy to attend training courses because they work full-time will be able to update their skills in cyberspace, writes Karen Thornton.

Ministers want to harness the Internet and the Department for Education and Employment's website to deliver training.

But it seems the DFEE is not yet up to speed. As The TES went to press, the website had not been updated since July 15 (see

The Government's response last week to the House of Commons education select committee report on governors said all governors would get high-quality training - and receive credit for doing it.

Speaking today at a governors' conference in Birmingham, school standards minister Estelle Morris outlined plans for: a strategy including a nationally accredited quality assurance scheme for governor trainers; encouraging governors to get their training accredited; improving the content and quality of induction courses.

The BTEC governor training scheme launched by Essex education authority last year was the type of scheme ministers wanted to encourage, she added.

The Government is consulting on what to do about governors' annual meetings with parents. MPs said that the requirement to hold such meetings should be dropped, because of poor attendance by parents. But Ms Morris said that partnership with parents was too important an issue to be left to individual schools.

For more information, email or telephone 0171 925 5555.

Governors, Briefing 30 and 31.

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