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Gove's Ofsted exemption risks shifting 'outstanding' schools into reverse gear

Now that election fever has subsided, some of us in British-style international schools are waiting to see what attitude Michael Gove will have towards us.

Under Labour, much progress was made. There was the feeling that former schools secretary Ed Balls had heard of international schools. Standards for these schools were agreed, discussed and promulgated. Invitations were issued to various bodies to lead these inspections. We are now waiting to hear which inspectorates will be approved and how inspection will lead to accreditation.

The coalition government must ensure the quality, relevance and transparency of the curriculum and examinations provided and set by UK institutions. It should help teachers move seamlessly between domestic schools and British-style international schools: pensions, teacher training and qualifications should all be on the agenda.

While recognising that British international schools lie in the jurisdiction of other countries, Mr Gove should strive to ensure high standards and uphold the reputation of British education.

John Price, Principal, Jerudong International School, Brunei.

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