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GPS for school travel is a step in the right direction

I was interested to discover Scottish school pupils with special needs have been given GPS tracking devices in order to give them a sense of independence travelling to and from school. This is wonderful news, and Edinburgh City Council must be commended for being the first local authority in the UK to trial the initiative.

As the founder of a charity which provides help and support for parents and children with learning difficulties, plus having a daughter with a mild mental handicap, any advance in this field is greatly welcome.

Far too often, young people with learning difficulties tend to feel isolated and unsupported, especially if they attend a mainstream school where their friends may not struggle with autism, ADHD, dyslexia or other neuron-developmental disorders. In addition, they may have to rely on their parents or a school minibus to take them to and from school which could make them feel even more isolated.

Children long to fit in with others in the playground, and giving them the opportunity to have independence and freedom through the GPS trackers is one step closer to them leading as much of a normal life as their peers.

Sophie Dow, Mindroom, PO Box 13684, Musselburgh.

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