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An A grade for self-promotion

Pity the swots! There was once a day when all you needed to get in the newspapers for your GCSE results was a string of grade As and a winning smile. Now, with grade inflation, competition for the limelight is cut-throat.

A sign of the times came in the shape of a press release sent to the national press last week by Lulee Ma, of Newstead Wood school in Orpington, Kent.

It announced: "My name is Lulee Ma, I am 16 and I received the following GCSE results: the highest mark in the country for AQA Mathematics GCSE; 12 A* grades. If you need students to interview about GCSEs, I would be very happy to be interviewed."

Ms Ma plans to be a lawyer for the United Nations. With media skills like that, she should go far.

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