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Graphic Products to GCSE. By Philip and Abigail Buckle. Oxford University Press #163;9.

There is a worthwhile debate to be had about what exactly constitutes a graphic product. As a popular GCSE choice, the range of student coursework should be rich and varied. Corporate logos, promotional leaflets, exploded diagrams and architectural models are all fine, but what is the response of your exam board to designs for a Web site, presentations using commercial software packages and to product analysis development using virtual reality simulations? Welcoming, I hope.

None of these latest developments in graphic products, however, feature in this otherwise comprehensive book. This is a pity as it presents clear, helpful and readable advice in attractive, double-page spreads.

Designing, making, and knowledge and understanding form the main sections.Topics include researching and creating a design brief, presentational techniques, marketing, manufacturing and product evaluation.

As you would expect from a book on this subject, the full colour illustrations are excellent and the case study material used to describe real life business and manufacturing contexts has been selected carefully to cover a range of products. One regrettable omission is any detailed consideration of printing techniques. But otherwise, a book worth considering for a class set.

Bob Welch is a senior adviser for Berkshire LEA

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