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Grossly undervalued

I finally acquired work in an FE college last year after graduating from university in 1996. I am just about to complete my PGCE (post-16).

I work as a learning support tutor in an FE college. My problem is that we are only paid and have the same holidays as administrative staff. Learning support tutors are not on the same level as lecturers at this college. When the PGCE finishes in May, many of my lecturer colleagues on the same course and working at the same cllege will receive a pay increment of almost pound;2,000. I leave with nothing.

I feel grossly undervalued and sixth- form colleges seem to be asking for a QTS PGCE, which mine isn't. Would it be worth taking a secondary PGCE or is it possible to get a job teaching GCSE and A-level somewhere? I was under the impression the new laws on sixth forms may mean I am valued as a teacher, even without QTS.

Sue Rawlinson

29 Windermere Drive

St Helens

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