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GTC duplication

General Teaching Council chief executive Carol Adams is being disingenuous ("GTC is worth every penny", TES, February 24). The Audit Commission's review of the GTC did not include a discrete financial audit. The latest - indeed only - accounts on the GTC's website are for the financial year 2003 - 2004.

The latest GTC magazine reveals it does little to report its support for teachers to develop practice. There are two pages on the GTC's views on professional development, but to actually get hold of anything you have to log on to the website. To add insult to injury, there is half a page on how to save the GTC money by receiving the GTC magazine by e-mail and at your own expense.

On the other hand, there are eight pages by freelance writers. Quite frankly such articles are to be found in other publications. This duplication extends to professional development events.

It is said that the GTC has an image problem. In fact it has an attitude problem, as is shown on pages 2 to 4. Ted Wragg's obituary gets 13 lines, whereas the GTC lavishes 51 lines of praise on itself for conscripting teachers in future academies that do not even exist yet.

Philip D Delnon 79 Broomfield Road Swanscombe, Kent

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