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GTC in Wales

Your report, "Accused face peers on firing line" (TES, June 15), was extremely misleading to teachers in Wales. The inference was that the disciplinary procedures of the General Teaching Council for England cover teachers in both Wales and England. This is not correct.

The article ignored the fact that Wales has its own GTC, is currently consulting on its own Professional Code for Teachers, is bringing forward advice to the National Assembly on teaching issues and is developing its own procedures for dealing with serious misconduct and incompetence. In Wales, teachers have been registered with the GTC for Wales since February 1, not June 1. Welsh teachers do not have to pay a registration fee until April 2002.

The TES will better serve its readers in Wales if it acknowledges the existence and the responsibilities of the GTC for Wales.

Gary Brace Chief executive General Teaching Council for Wales 4th Floor, Southgate House Wood Street, Cardiff

The editor writes: Mr Brace is right to criticise this example of Anglocentrism. The TES has, however, "acknowledged the existence" of the GTC for Wales on many occasions and published a full-page feature on its work on March 23.

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