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GTC is worth every penny

With reference to the letters last week ("What do we get for GTC subs?", TES, February 17), the General Teaching Council exists to support high standards of teaching in the public interest.

It does so both by ensuring minimum standards - through its professionally-led regulatory work - and by supporting teachers to develop their practice. This latter side of our work is much less reported than our regulatory work - it is, unfortunately, less newsworthy than misconduct. We would like to shift the balance as it is only a tiny minority of teachers who face disciplinary action but all can benefit from our networks, research and events.

The GTC is externally audited each year and last year an Audit Commission review found it to be well managed. The GTC fee has been held at its current level for two years and its rise in April to pound;33 keeps the rise below the level of inflation over the period of its operation. We aim to save over7 per cent next year and will keep the fee as low as possible.

More teachers are getting involved in our work sharing good practice and we invite any wishing to find out more to get in touch.

Carol Adams

Chief executive

GTC England, 19-30 Alfred Place

London WC1

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