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Guidance on induction: better late than never

They may be late, but they're here; late last month the Teacher Training Agency released a package of four booklets to support induction for NQTs. The contents, the agency says, are intended to clarify and expand on circular 599.

The first booklet gives an overview of the new arrangements, elaborates on some of the main elements and answers frequently-asked questions. The second, Support and Monitoring of the Newly Qualified Teacher, focuses on needs identification, setting objectives and devising an action plan using career entry profiles, and monitoring progress.

Assessment of the Newly Qualified Teacher looks at the role of formal assessment in the new arrangements - and how to carry it out effectively - while Quality Assurace of the Induction Arrangements describes the purpose of quality assurance and looks at how it can be organised in schools and local education authorities.

In a foreword to the first booklet, John Carr of the TTA says: "We hope that the support materials will be helpful to those with key responsibilities in the induction process: in particular, headteachers, induction tutors, NQTs, governors and staff in LEAs.

"However, all staff in schools where NQTs work can make an important contribution to inducting new members into the profession and the materials may, therefore, also be useful to the wider school community."

The booklets are available free from the TTA publications line: 0845 606 0323

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