Guides to drama

The BBC's beginner's German TV series has just acquired two print add-ons. One is the complete (every word) transcripts of the series in German and English. These will be useful for following the drama in the transmissions on Sunday mornings (10.45am BBC1) and the Monday repeats on the Learning Zone between 4am and 5am from February 17.

The second benefit is a new initiative, a Television Study Guide which is intended to encourage a more interactive approach to the viewing of the programme, plus listening activities designed to develop and hone listening skills, both for detail and for gist.

The idea is that it will encourage viewers to play and replay sections of the programme and, by doing so, reinforce their comprehension.

Details: the study Guide (Pounds 4.95) and the Transcripts (Pounds 3) are available by mail order from Deutsch Plus, PO Box 7, London W5 2GQ.

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