Hacker backchat

Regarding the article "Pupil hackers gain access to forbidden material"

(TES, March 2): yes, the rash of proxy bypass sites are a huge headache, and "blocklists" become out-of-date in minutes. But cost is not prohibitive. There are products on the market that are priced to make them available to a wide range of educational institutions.

The comment made by the pupil Simon Bangs does have some truth: IT technicians can find themselves working in something of a vacuum, and without time or budget to attend all the training they would like.

But things aren't all bad. EduGeek (www.edugeek.net) is an internet forum set up by School Techies for School Techies. As an ICT resource it is second to none and if any TES readers have yet to visit it, then they are missing out. Points under discussion range from virtual learning environments (VLEs) to security to hardware and back again.

Tom Newton

SmoothWall Limited,


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