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Half speed for East Renfrew

East Renfrewshire promised this week to speed up appraisal of teachers, but on a two-yearly basis. The council plans to establish professional networks, with a database of good practices.

It also wants to establish "quality" in-service education and training which will be "rigorously monitored and evaluated". The council intends to set up regular surveys to identify good practices and expert teachers throughout the authority.

Schools, departments and individuals will be set targets based on the annual school development plans. Teachers may also be given specific personal targets. Eleanor Currie, the council's director of education, and other senior council staff will review the performance of headteachers.

The education committee also backed a report on a new structure for staff and curriculum development in secondary schools.

Councillors were warned that to set up a full-time subject advisory team would cost in the region of Pounds 800,000 a year.

Mrs Currie said that the council could not justify this level of expenditure. Nor was it advisable if such pending meant cutting into other budgets.

Expert advice and support would be available to schools from a variety of sources. The department hopes to develop a database of quality providers inside and outside the authority.

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