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Hall display brings school together

We have a big space in our main hall that is used to display art posters.

About once a term the staff decide what the theme is going to be and manage the task so that each class does one poster. Each class then works on their own poster and arranges for it to be displayed on a particular date.

We work on large white card, about 1metre by 1.5m. One class takes on responsibility for the title poster which is used to explain the display and pull the work together. Each poster requires so many different activities in its making - three-dimensional work, painting and collage - that nearly everyone in the class can get involved.

The current display is a taster for our summer show, with posters on Irish dancing, an Indian market, Aboriginal and other themes, which all feature in the performance at the show. Previous displays have included African countries, world religions, continents, special festivals, seasons and famous paintings. The results are always brilliant and a real talking point.The techniques, skills and styles that staff learn about from their colleagues are the cheapest, but most effective inservice training I know.

The linked assembly or lesson is always enriched by the displays too.

The posters allow us to link the work of the whole school in a fairly short but exciting task, and it is something everyone enjoys participating in.

It's nice for staff to work together on something that doesn't require excessive planning, and that is fun, has an attractive end result and still fits in with our curriculum.

Karen Lang

Year 56 teacher, Robert Sandilands School, Newbury, West Berkshire

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