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Halloween is not just pumpkins

I am angry and disgusted at your Dates For Assembly notes on Halloween (TES, Teacher magazine, October 24).

Might I point out that Samhain is a festival of great significance for very many people. Estimates of the number of pagans in the UK vary between 30,000 and 250,000. It is recognised as a religion by the NHS and the Prison Service, both of whom employ Pagan chaplains.

For many pagans this is the time of year at which we honour and remember our ancestors, and can also be seen as the beginning of the new pagan year.

No attempt is made in the article to provide a balancing point of view and I am disturbed at the thought of this article being used in any school, where it would cause deep offence to any pagan teachers and students.

I have provided web-links to sites that provide a more positive view of pagan practice:

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