Hands of faith

The new logo for Lathom junior school sums up its pupils' attitudes towards Britishness. It shows four hands surrounding a globe, representing the different ethnic groups at the multicultural east London school. Yet at the logo's centre, drawn to the same size as the school's initials, is a map of Britain.

It was designed by nine-year-old Nisanthan Sriskandarajah. Around 90 per cent of the school's children are from Pakistani or Indian families.

Misbah Mann, headteacher, said it was possible to give pupils a history curriculum that gave priority to Britain but also touched on their families' heritage. "So of course you will do the Tudors," she said. "But you will also ask what influential Asian or black people were around at the time. And that has to happen in lessons throughout the year - there is no point in only having a black history month."

Photograph:Teri Pengilly

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