Hands off our Beanies

I WAS left in total disgust to read that you thought Beanies were insidious (TES, May 19).

First, I would like to say Beanies are animals, though some are strange colours, therefore a teacher Beanie or anything else suggested by the researchers would not work. Also, what child would want a teacher, revolutionary or trade unionist Beanie?

Second, the first Beanies were made in 1994 and not 1992.

Do you not think it is important that young minds learn value, price, variety and how scarce Beanies are? Now I have learnt not to waste money on things I shall get fed up with or trainers I use for muddy games or PE.

Probably you think when we go to buy Beanies we spend a fortune, but we call it "Beanie hunting". I enjoy this as it is exciting and interesting to search for that special Beanie, youcan do this for as little as pound;3.95!

Yes, Beanies are a big part of our lives but how can you abuse these cute, harmless toys? I have never been so amazed with people's opinions, but clearly you know nothing about Beanies.

If you collected them you would not have written that rude article. Beanies mean so much to our lives. Their cute faces and personalities are part of the reason I have become a vegetarian and anything that means so much to children can't be that bad, can it?

So please, before abusing these harmless toys realise what you are saying and don't abuse such a great man as Ty Warner and his Beanies. Also I am amazed that academics do not have better things to research.

Jessie Twining (10)

Two Mile Ash school

The High Street

Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes

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