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Hanging out with Harry

Bookish youths who can't keep their noses out of their Tracy Beakers or their Harry Potters will be able to enhance their social lives by joining an online bookclub.

Penguin Books has recently launched a book community run and used by teenagers. The site will be controlled by a core editorial team of nine people aged 13 to 18, supported by a network of young contributers throughout Britain.

The teenage editors will begin bringing the site to life in July with an intensive four-week internship at youth marketing agency Livity.

Working with journalists, authors, editors and web designers, the team will produce multimedia content including video and audio reviews, alternative book jackets and endings, soundtracks, author interviews, podcasts, blogs and short stories.

Penguin recently commissioned a survey which revealed that three-quarters of teenagers get their information about books from the internet.

Teenagers who rate reading as cool are the most frequent visitors to social networking sites, the study found. The website,, launches in September.

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