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Hard choices;Correction;Letter

Careless rewriting of my article last week, without any consultation, has vitally distorted its meaning. You have me saying that "The Secretary of State welcomes our interim report - and its recommendations that 5 per cent of curriculum time should be taken up with citizenship education - but he will reserve his decision until July".

The sentence in parenthesis was lifted up from a sentence that said that two sub-committees will set out learning objectives that are "to produce something that can be done within (sic) 5 per cent of curriculum time including outside activities", and then when I wrote "this will threaten no existing subjects whatever, it will be a matter of adjustment not hard choice", that you simply cut.

BERNARD CRICK, Chairman, Advisory Group on the Teaching of Citizenship and Democracy, Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, London W11

* The Editor writes: we are sorry if our attempts to clarify Professor Crick's article resulted in any distortion of his intended meaning.

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