Hard Spell is eclipsed...

Christmas gifts were the business when Young Enterprise Scotland held its Glasgow Board event in the city's Royal Concert Hall earlier this month.

Showing considerable enterprise and daring was the Temptation Company from Douglas Academy, who even had a pupil dressed in devil horns and Old Nick's toasting fork for sale. At least one punter from the psychic fair being held in another part of the building bought plenty.

Then there was Hutcheson's Grammar School, whose company name, Evolution, had to be read twice just in case it actually said Revolution, given the well-aired upheavals at the school which have led to the appointment of a new heidie.

But the award for head-turning had to go to Eclipse Enterprise from Stirling High, who were selling stationery stocking-fillers. It was just a pity that the packs bore the legend "Stationary" - which probably explained why the young entrepreneurs had to work doubly hard to shift them.

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