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A hard time getting hold of software

I was interested to read the letter from Phil Moore, the education service manager of BT CampusWorld (TES, January 19).

I was one of the 3,500 people who attended a CampusWorld roadshow and was sufficiently impressed to return to my school and sell the idea there. Thanks to our parents' association, we now have a modem and a telephone line installed.

Sadly, however, we do not have CampusWorld as our school uses Acorn computers and the software for them is still not available. We contracted to go on line with CampusWorld on December 1 last year, but were not told of any software problems at the time.

More importantly, there was no mention of this at the roadshow I attended in Lincoln.

Indeed, it was my understanding that the roadshow demonstration was being given on an Acorn machine.

The CampusWorld helpline has offered useful advice, but I did take the opportunity to ask Phil Moore about the Acorn software in a question-and-answer session after his seminar at the resource conference in Doncaster on Friday, November 24.

He replied that he had, in fact, signed off the software the previous day and I would be receiving it within 10 days.

On my last contact with CampusWorld helpline earlier this month, the person at the other end of the line had never heard of Phil Moore (I had asked to speak to him) and told me that "everyone knows it takes longer than 10 days to issue software".

The last time I received service like this was when I had ordered and paid for my Sinclair Spectrum when they were still on the drawing board.

Hopefully, Phil Moore may reply and tell us when can we have CampusWorld on Acorn machines.

ROY ROBERTSON South Cantley middle school Plumpton Park Road Doncaster South Yorkshire

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