Has Blair delivered on 'education, education, education'?

"They are trying to imitate private education, which is a good thing. And I am all for Sats. Children should be tested every so often because you have to get results." Carolyn Loveday,70, retired restaurateur from Lancaster

"We are a long way from Thatcher's time, when people had to share books.

But I think teachers could do a lot more. Some are very good but there is still a group who are lazy and don't deliver." John Scott-Morgan, 52, bookseller from Woking

"Half of my sixth-form class wouldn't be in school if they weren't receiving the education maintenance allowance. Friendly discussions with unions have led to better salaries and work-life balance for teachers." Diane Green, 40, health and social care teacher from Abergele, north Wales

"Selective education hasn't been ended, which surprises me, and I can't see how A-level and GCSE results keep getting better every year, but class sizes have come down." Tony Sophoclides,38, political consultant from Islington, London

"We have a huge school building programme and I heartily agree with the numeracy and literacy strategies, but I do think there has been too much testing at too early an age." Joy Capstick, 49, nurse from Northampton "Tony Blair has put an awful lot of money in but many members would like it if he was less into targets, league tables and marketisation. I support comprehensive education but he doesn't seem to agree." David Floyd, 25, director of a not-for-profit company to help excluded young people from Islington

"I am chair of governors at a secondary school that was not very successful but now we're flying. The focus on outcomes has raised standards. In our school a tracking system allows you to identify pupils who have suffered a dip in their performance." Ruth Moher, 61, social services consultant from Brent, London

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