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Have faith in the power of facts - we do

In the desire to create a controversial storyline, I fear you have significantly misrepresented my views and those of the Geographical Association ("Don't let facts get in the way of learning, warns top geographer", 6 May). Far from dismissing facts, the lecture your reporter attended was a discussion of the role and importance of knowledge as the foundation for deep understanding of our world and high standards in geographical learning.

In particular, I pointed out evidence that the current loss of faith in subjects and in knowledge has sometimes served young people in the most disadvantaged circumstances poorly.

There are some tensions in the core knowledge approach favoured by the Government, but the question "what counts as an educated young person in the 21st century?" is a vitally important one, and deserves a more considered response than your report gave. Readers will find the lecture - and an opportunity to join the debate - at

Dr John Hopkin, President, Geographical Association.

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