Have a seat

The phrasing of some questions in the Higher paper was the main complaint from Alan Wortley, principal teacher of technical subjects at Hillpark Secondary in Glasgow.

Section A is made up of a single question, which asked candidates to compare the design of two chairs. Mr Wortley fears the wording was insufficiently clear for them to have picked up on the change of format. He also feels part d of the question, which asked pupils to comment on cost-effectiveness in a competitive marketplace, was "too deep".

The second section drew criticism: the wording of question 2 could have been clearer, and the phrase "state and justify" was language of too high a level for candidates aiming for a C pass. Question 3 was "excellent", particularly with its reference to personal hi-fis and iPods; but question 5b, which asks candidates how manufacturers attempt to eliminate problems of corrosion, was not covered in the arrangements documents. Question 6c on the rapid phototyping process, was too advanced for students at this stage, and usually comes up in the related third-year university degree course.

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