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Have you noticed?

MANY governors who belong to local associations would like to see statutory representation for their organisations on education committees with full voting rights. The present Government has not granted us this: instead, it has created places for parents.

The only manageable structure for selecting these representatives was deemed to be a ballot of parent-governors, which only serves to muddy the waters for the rest of us. When we press for governor representation, we are told we already have it. Our cries of: "But they represent parents, not governors!" go unheeded.

Our only recourse is to hijack the paent representatives and co-opt them onto the governors' association committee.

Fortunately, our local representatives are well-motivated people who see the advantages of allying themselves with an organisation that has a wealth of information, experience and clear lines of communication to schools and the education authority. This is pure luck - we could have acquired belligerent axe-grinders who would damage governors' reputation and undermine our role as respected critical friends of the authority.

How have the rest of you got on?

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