Have you noticed?

If you do not have a governors' association in your area, start one now. The new schools' forums which will in future advise education authorities on the distribution of schools' funding will be composed largely of heads and governors. The heads will undoubtedly speak for their local associations, so should governors.

These associations must have some structure for consulting the governing bodies which vote for them. Some existing associations feel strongly that they should nominate the governors for the forum: they fear rogue governors with their own personal agenda could discredit the system.

The news that funds for high-cost special needs provision, including statements, is to be dealt with separately from the main formula distribution is welcome. It seems forums may be able to pass this cash to the education authority who are responsible for maintaining statements. Oddly, the consultation on schools' forums (which closed last week) was not issued to schools, only to organisations, including the National Governors'

Council. Look on the Department for Education and Skills' website for details (www.dfes.gov.ukfairfunding).

I like "fair funding".

It reminds me of Orwell's Ministry of Truth. Let's hope that we impoverished shire counties get a bigger share of the cake for our forums to share out.

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