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Have you noticed?

There are some times when being a governor is compatible with normal family life and others like now, when it takes over every waking moment.

We are a week away from our inspection. The two young Ofsted virgins on the staff are particularly nervous, quite unnecessarily as they are brilliant teachers. We anxiously analyse the results of parental questionnaires and feedback from parent-governors at a pre-inspection meeting, which inevitably focuses on the negative.

Meanwhile, the stormy meetings of the LEA schools' forum on funding continue. As a governor representative I am co-ordinating a desperate last-ditch attempt to persuade the LEA not to delegate funding for children with statemented special needs. I am besieged by phone calls of support from governors and heads, usually when I am changing a nappy, or just setting off for playgroup or refereeing warring two-year-olds.

The forum is only advisory. Will the council listen to us? "We have listened to the discussion, well, more of a monologue, really," says the leader of the council with a pointed glance in my direction. "Now we will go away and make our decision." I'll keep you posted.

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