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Information technology has become the maths of our age - the subject about which otherwise well-educated and cultured people feel no shame in admitting ignorance.

I myself am a recovering technophobe. When I say "I'll e-mail it to you immediately" it means "my son will e-mail it".

Pathetic. But I'm going to change. I am going to learn to use the internet. My good resolution for this summer holiday.

The staff at my school are all determined to get up to speed too. Secondary teachers are used to their pupils overtaking them, but it is embarrassing for primary staff to ask a nine-year-old for technical assistance.

My headteacher is conscientiously taking the lap-top home for weekends but would clearly be happier with the more conventional gerbil. She claims her metallic nail polish stops the computer working properly. Her own headteacher exhorted her pupils "Never learn to type, gels!" Clerical skills were for minions. Happy days.

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