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Apparently the National Numeracy Strategy is to be re-named the Mathematics Strategy. Someone at the Department for Education and Employment must have noticed that literacy and numeracy are not analogous. I can understand my school's budget - I am numerate. My son has a PhD in astro-physics - he is a mathematician.

The detailed programme of work sent to schools covers much more than mere arithmetic, although I believe they don't start astro-physics until Year 5.

We need a mathematics governor (any volunteers?) who will be given one day's training. Governors only need to be able to ask questions. Teachers, who need to know the answers, get three days. Our headteacher has volunteered to be our mathematics co-ordinator. It would be difficult to persuade any member of staff to do it for half a responsibility point and no non-contact time.

For the same reason our head is also the special needs co-ordinator (SENCO). Training will be offered to headteachers, mathematics co-ordinators and SENCOs.

"Will we be able to claim for three lots of supply cover?" I ask, with one eye on the budget.

The head's ambitions are more modest. In defiance of the precept the three into one won't go, she is hoping for triple lunch.

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