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Writing the annual report to parents is boring. I suspect that reading it is even more boring. We can make it less so. At least at my school we write it ourselves, rather than delegating it to the headteacher.

Like everything else in education, the content is minutely prescribed by Government edicts - we must report test results, targets, rates of unauthorised absence, special needs provision and so on. Oh, and sport. This slipped in on a ministerial whim a few years ago when someone suddenly decided it was important, and no one has bothered to delete it. There will probably be a section on citizenship next year. You read it here first.

In my attempts to alleviate boredom - mine and the parents - I have taken a firm line with fellow governors. When pressed for their contributions they always say, "Fine, I'll just have a look at what I wrote last year..." Oh, no you won't. Start afresh and try to sound as if you are interested.

We report on our survey of parental opinion too - always good for stirring up controversy. "What sort of educational experience is your school providing?" Tick the boxes and find out.

Scores are up again this year. We can't be that boring.

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