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Hayes is not the voice of Natfhe

Although Dennis Hayes is Natfhe vice-president, articles by him do not necessarily promulgate the views of Natfhe. Indeed I suspect on occasions they do not express Dennis Hayes' views since FE Focus clearly engages him as a provocateur, to stimulate debate.

This may be confusing for TES readers who expect Natfhe officers to put only the union line or who expect FE Focus to be "The Voice of Natfhe".

With this in mind, I should like to clarify that Natfhe supports well-designed processes for feedback from students and welcomes the constructive comments (FE Focus, October 28) from Ellie Russell, NUS vice-president (FE). Personally, I have never met a student from whom I couldn't learn something.

Paul Mackney Natfhe General secretary 27 Britannia Street London WC1X

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