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He stands, but does he deliver?

So, what we all assumed would be called NETP (National Employer Training Programme) is now to be named Train to Gain, is it?

This is not what FErret was told last week. In the time-honoured New-Labour fashion of tampering with the language - remember Connexions and E2E? - the title was going to be (groan) Train2Gain.

Some pilot training scheme leaders thought it a neat touch to adopt the "2", and it received mixed blessings at NETP focus groups. But, for the man who pledged to expunge words such as "provider" and "deliver" from the lexicon of learning and skills lingo, this was a numeral too far.

"I am definitely not having a 2," insisted Mark Haysom, chief executive of the Learning and Skills Council. So, Train to Gain it is. Having won that battle, can we assume that Mr Haysom's rout of crass language will continue?

It is two years since he promised to ditch the jargon. However, on words such as provider and stakeholder, we are still waiting for him to deliver.

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