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A head for business

My school is undergoing restructuring. As head of business studies I'll lose pound;2,000 a year. My main task over the past two years has been to set up the department, which has been successful, but I lack whole-school experience. I now wonder what sort of job I should be looking for.

Heads of business studies departments are more likely to be advertised on a TLR2 than a TLR1. In January, 17 schools advertised for a head of business studies on the lower grade and five on the higher. These posts can include responsibility for economics and other subjects. Keep your eyes open for one of these higher graded posts. Alternatively, the new heads of learning that seem to be replacing pastoral head posts are normally offered on a TLR1 grade: in the case of head of sixth form, they may even be paid as an assistant head. These posts offer wider experience and an opportunity into senior management. Alternatively, look outside the school for a move into a related area where your business studies experience would be an added value.

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