A head of the game

Forget certificates for heidies, would-be heidies and scrap interview panels. The Beano has come to the rescue. Its "Could you be head?" quiz challenged readers the other week to see if they could fit the bill as head of Bash Street School.

Just in case education authority personnel departments adopt the DC Thomson approach to appointing heidies, it might be worth noting the multiple-choice questions such as: Class IIB turn up half an hour late for class. What do you do?"

A: Detention for the class for a whole week. B: Not notice, as you were an hour late yourself. C: Thank them for allowing over-worked teacher an extra hour of preparation.

And, with a real awareness of health issues, the question is posed: You have to prepare the menu for this week's school dinners. What do you select?

A: A well-balanced, highly nutritious green salad with water. B: Why make school meals when there's a perfectly good chippie round the corner?

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