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Head is playing God

Many headteachers have been accused of having a God complex. But few have taken it quite as far as Goff Davies, head of Hartridge high, in Newport. A new version of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting shows Mr Davies bestowing life to a reclining Adam.

The painting forms part of a calendar produced by Hartridge teachers. Each month shows a member of staff superimposed on to a famous image. So Mr Davies and Jimmy Stokes, head of sixth form, appear as God and Adam.

Mr Stokes said: "It's appropriate that the head should be God. And I think my face fits Adam's body quite well."

Other teachers pose as a Californian bodybuilder, Henry VIII and the Mona Lisa. The original idea was to cheer up a sick colleague. But, after receiving Pounds 4,500 sponsorship from pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim, Mr Stokes decided to print 2,000 copies. They will cost pound;5, with proceeds going to Cancer Research.

But sixth-former Gareth Butcher still will not buy one. "I don't want to look at teachers at home," he said. "But at least they didn't strip."

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