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Head urges an end to 'tinkering'

A leading boarding school headteacher this week criticised successive governments and self-appointed experts for decades of change and chaos in education, writes Clare Dean.

Ian Small, chairman of the Boarding Schools Association, said it was time to stop tinkering with the education system and let schools get on with their job of educating young people.

He told his association's annual conference in Ambleside that Britain's educational system has been stripped down and remodelled.

"We have seen the consequences for our nation's children of the last 30 years of change and chaos where first one and then another fashion or idea has been followed, where first one and then another ideologue has been able to dictate new policies, new systems, new governance, new controls, new lack-of-controls.

"Is it any wonder at all that schools and all who work in them have had their confidence so much undermined and their sense of purpose so confused and weakened?"

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