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Heading for history

I am a qualified teacher and hold QTS. My subject is English but at some point I would really like to get back to my first love - history. I did not do the subject at degree level and wonder if an Open University degree would be held in the same regard as a more traditional one. Would I need to do another PGCE after doing a history degree to be able to teach the subject if I already have a PGCE in English?

Although you trained in a particular subject for your PGCE, your QTS is not subject specific. You can both ask, and be asked, to teach other subjects.

Obviously, you will be able to do this to a higher level with a degree in the subject. I don't envisage any problem with a degree undertaken through part-time or distance learning compared with a full-time one. You won't receive any funding, so will have to pay full fees for any second degree.

There is no shortage of history teachers so talk to the head of history at your school about the possibility of some key stage 3 classes; but your department may be reluctant to let you make the switch.

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