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Heads can't afford a proper environment

More than four in five heads do not have enough funds to provide a suitable teaching and learning environment, a survey has found.

Only 16 per cent of the heads from 440 state primaries and 146 secondaries surveyed said their schools will be adequately funded from April. Almost seven out of 10 secondary heads and more than four in 10 primary heads said they do not have enough teaching resources, while three-quarters of all heads are less optimistic about funding this year compared to last.

The findings come from a report by the British Educational Suppliers Association which will be released at next week's Education Show in Birmingham.

Dominic Savage, director general of BESA, said the growth in funding for schools did not match the growth in costs and this meant less money for staff and resources.

Tony Crompton, head of Blably Stokes C of E primary in Leicestershire, said his budget had risen from pound;675,000 in 2002-3 to pound;700,000 in 2003-4. But this gain of pound;27,000 was pound;33,000 short of a pound;60,000 rise in costs in 2003-4.

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