Heads need help from their peers

In your Diary (TES, November 25), you claim that the National College for School Leadership's advice to new heads to spend time on their own learning, ideally in a community of other heads, is "banal, patronising"

and "bad". Instead the Diary advises new heads to be "available at all times" in the school.

I find this a worrying statement. Those who actually do the job say that being a head can be a lonely role and that spending time with other school leaders can be of huge benefit in helping to cope with complex demands placed upon new headteachers.

Advising a new head to be available at all times and not to seek advice from others or attend to their own development is not only bad advice but a recipe for exhaustion, isolation and failure.

Steve Munby,

NCSL chief executive

National College for School Leadership, Marketing and Communications

Lime House, Ruddington Fields Business Park, Nottingham

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