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Heads warn of risk to guidance and lack of detail

Secondary heads have warned of a "very severe risk to guidance" from the post-McCrone deal, although 80 per cent of members in the Headteachers' Association of Scotland back it.

The uncertainty and lack of clarity about what the deal will mean for school organisation has sown some doubt in heads' minds, Ken Cunningham, vice-president and head of Hillhead High, Glasgow, said.

"There is not a lot of detail about how you are supposed to manage what we've go at the moment. The assumption is that all teachers are first-line guidance teachers but it's not specified. It also depends on the role and duties of chartered teachers, APTs sliding across and job sizing. Job sizing for senior management could leave us short-bodied," he said.

The association wants further clarification about the implications of the 35-hour week, the extra 35 hours for professional development and the duties of the senior depute.

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