Headship chances

Your job and career questions answered

I am head of a British-style international school. I have worked overseas for the past 24 years. Now 54, I want to take up a headship in the UK. What are my chances, and how can I improve my prospects?

You will be 55 by the time you start any new headship and although there are heads who take up new posts at that age, I'm not sure whether you envisaged working in the maintained sector? If so, your lack of the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) may be a handicap as you have not held a headship in the UK. Contact the National College for clarification on your status (www.ncsl.org.uk). There are a number of independent schools who recruit students from abroad and your overseas experience might interest one of them. Alternatively, look at how your expertise might be of use in the consultancy field. You can draw on the wide range of contacts in the international education field you'll have built up.

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